Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Pets like dogs have been known to provide emotional support to people in toxic and abusive relationships. Oftentimes the victims form a bond with their dogs, which their abusers tend to take advantage of. Research shows that all household members, including children and pets, are usually subjected to abuse.

For many survivors of domestic violence to make a clean break from their abusers, they need to find shelter for themselves and their pets. However, many shelters are unable to accommodate pets. Resulting in many survivors electing to remain in abusive environments for fear that their pets will suffer abuse.

Praline’s Backyard  Foundation alleviates this barrier for survivors wanting to leave by providing housing,  to the pets of survivors of domestic abuse while they are in housing transition anywhere in the country via pet boarding facilities and pet fosters.   The knowledge that their pet will be cared for provides survivors the encouragement and support to take that much-needed first step into their journey to secure safe and secure housing.  I invite you to support  Praline’s Backyard Foundation by making a donation using the link at the bottom of this page that lead you to our Foundation’s website to learn more.


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