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Why Choose Praline's Backyard?

The Best for Your Dog

Welcome to Praline’s Backyard Dog Services:  Where Fear-Free Certified Care Meets Dog Enrichment Excellence!

Our Atlanta-based services cater to the multifaceted needs of every dog parent, whether you have deep Atlanta roots or  you’re visiting our beautiful city, we don’t just provide dog care; we offer an enriching experience that nurtures your dog’s body, mind, and spirit.



Fear, Anxiety and Stress Free

We have raised the standard of dog care services in the Atlanta area by providing services that minimizes fear, stress and anxiety.

Designed with Your Dog In Mind

At Praline’s Backyard, our mission is to provide high-quality, and personalized dog services that enhance the lives of dogs and their parents. We understand the importance of creating a balanced and fulfilling life for your dog, no matter where you are.

Dog Walker vs Dog Daycare

Four things to consider

  1. Individualized Attention: Focused attention on your dog’s needs
  2. Personalized Care: We provide additional services during your dog’s walk, such as feeding, medication administration, and basic training reinforcement, based on the dog parent’s instructions.
  3. Flexibility: Walks  are scheduled at specific times to accommodate the dog parent’s preferred schedule without having to commute to drop off their dog
  4. Familiar Environment: Dogs remain in their familiar home surroundings, which is less stressful for them, especially for dogs who may have anxiety or difficulty in new environments.

Our services include

Dog Walks

Enjoy reliable and professional dog walking services tailored to meet your dog’s exercise needs and keep them happy and healthy.

Dog Adventure Hikes

Give your adventurous dog the ultimate outdoor experience with our thrilling adventure  hike

Hotel Pet Concierge

Available to guests of Atlanta area pet-friendly hotels

Dog Taxi

Experience the convenience of our safe and convenient pet taxi services, ensuring your pets reach their appointments and destinations with ease.

New Client Orientation required before services can be provided.

The orientation is fear and force free, and serves as an opportunity to meet you and your dog.

We will screen your dog for shyness, aggression, proper social skills, food aggression, and make sure they would be happy  with Praline’s Backyard Dog Services, giving you the peace of mind you need when you leave for your dog in our care.

We’ll take diligent notes and give you a full report. We’ll also answer your questions.

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At Praline’s Backyard, we understand that the needs of every dog and dog parent are unique. We are dedicated to working with you to identify the best services to meet your dog’s needs. To learn more  about our services click the link below to get started. We look forward to your dog joining our pack.