Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered?

All pets must be altered if participating in onsite services such as daycare, boarding and grooming services.

How long are the dog walks?

Dog walks typically last 30 minutes depending on the client’s preferences and the dog’s needs.

Will my dog be walked on a leash or off-leash?

Dog walks will be on-leash for safety and legal reasons. However, for adventure pack hikes if your dog is well trained and able to walk off-leash and regulations and laws allow walking the dog off-leash in certain areas may be available.

What services are currently available by Praline’s Backyard?

Current services include dog walks and dog sitting. Adventure Pack Hikes starts April 1st, 2023. Our facility will be finished in the Fall of 2023 to include on site cage-free enrichment daycare, boarding and grooming.

What is a meet and greet?

A meet-and-greet is when one of the staff comes to your home to get a rundown of a typical day for your pet for home services such as pet sitting or dog walking.

What vaccinations are required for my pet to use your services?

DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Leptospirosis and a negative fecal test from your vet within the last six months for all onsite services. Rabies required for dog walks, dog sitting and adventure pack hikes.

How many times a day can I schedule dog walks?

It depends on the dog’s needs, for example, if your dog has a high energy level, it may need more frequent walks, if the dog is older, it may require less frequent walks.

Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

It depends on how many dogs live in proximity of other dogs that need to be walked around the same time. If your dog requires being walked solo please advise your dog walker.

Cage-free Services

What is a cage-free dog service?

A cage-free dog service is a type of dog service that does not use traditional kennels or cages to house dogs. Instead, dogs are given more freedom of movement and are often placed in a more natural and open environment that provides them with a more comfortable and stimulating experience.

How does a cage-free service compare to traditional kennels?

Cage-free dog services provide a less restrictive and more natural environment for dogs. They offer more space for dogs to move around, play and interact with other dogs. Praline’s Backyard provide activities and enrichment opportunities to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated, traditional kennels are smaller in size, and the dogs are often placed in small enclosed spaces, which can be more stressful and induce more anxiety for them.

Are cage-free services more expensive than traditional kennels?

The cost of cage-free services can vary depending on the location, amenities offered, and the level of care provided. In some cases, they may be more expensive than traditional kennels because of the increased need for supervision in a cage-free environment where in a cage dogs are confined.

Dog Enrichment

What is dog enrichment?

Enrichment activities for dogs refer to a variety of activities, exercises and experiences that stimulate a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. These activities can include physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialization and training, as well as providing opportunities for play, exploration and problem-solving.

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What kind of enrichment activities can my dog participate in?

Enrichment activities can include things like obedience training, agility training, scent work, puzzle toys and interactive feeders, swimming, hiking, nose work, and more. The type of enrichment activities that your dog can participate in will depend on their individual abilities, interests, and needs.

How often should I provide enrichment activities for my dog?

The frequency of enrichment activities will depend on your dog’s individual needs and interests. Some dogs may enjoy and benefit from daily enrichment activities, while others may only need a few enrichment activities per week. It’s best to consult with a professional or a veterinarian to determine what’s best for your dog.

Can I do the enrichment activities at home?

Absolutely! Many enrichment activities can be done at home with the right equipment, training, and guidance. However, some activities like swimming, hiking, or certain specialized trainings may be better done in a controlled or supervised environment.

Will these activities make my dog tired?

Enrichment activities can help tire a dog out, but the degree of tiredness will vary depending on the individual dog and the activity. For example, a game of fetch in the backyard may tire out a high energy dog but not have the same effect on a senior dog.

Will it make my dog smarter?

Enrichment activities can provide mental stimulation, which can help dogs to develop their problem-solving skills, memory and learning abilities, but it does not make them smarter. However, it can make them more confident, relaxed, and well-behaved as well as preventing behavioral issues caused by boredom or understimulation.

Dog Daycare

Why should my dog attend daycare?

Praline’s Backyard provides dogs with the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, get exercise, and mental stimulation. It can also help prevent boredom and behavior problems that can occur when dogs are left alone for long periods of time. Additionally, daycare can be beneficial for dogs who need more socialization and interaction than they are getting at home, or for dogs who have high energy levels and require more physical activity.

Is daycare suitable for all dogs?

Not all dogs are suitable for daycare, and it depends on each individual dog’s needs, temperament, and energy level. If a dog has a tendency to be aggressive or anxious, daycare may not be the best option. An alternative maybe daily dog walks by a member of our team.

What kind of activities do dogs do at daycare?

The activities offered at daycare varies daily, however, it typically includes supervised playtime, physical exercise, agility, enrichment activities and training, if request, as well as socialization opportunities with other dogs.

How many times a week should my dog attend daycare?

The frequency of daycare attendance will depend on your dog’s individual needs and interests. Some dogs may enjoy and benefit from attending daycare several times a week, while others may only need to attend once a week. Praline’s Backyard monthly membership package requires a dog to attend daycare at least once a week.

Will my dog be tired after attending daycare?

Many dogs are tired after a day of socialization, enrichment and play at daycare, but the degree of tiredness will vary depending on the individual dog and the activities they participated in. A tired dog is usually a sign that they have had a good day.