Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Services

Dog walks typically last 20 minutes depending on the client’s preferences and the dog’s needs.

Dog walks will be on-leash for safety and legal reasons. However, for adventure pack hikes if your dog is well trained and able to walk off-leash and regulations and laws allow walking the dog off-leash in confined certain areas may be available.

Dog adventure hiking  involve taking a group of dogs on a guided hiking excursion in a natural and scenic environment. Dogs are accompanied by our trained dog hiking  a trained dog hiking adventure staff to embark on the hike together as a pack. These adventures typically take place in nature reserves, parks, or designated hiking trails that allow dogs.

Current services include dog walks,adventure pack hikes,  pet sitting, dog taxi and hotel pet concierge services.

A meet-and-greet is when one of our Dog Enrichment Specialist come to your home to get a rundown of a typical day for your dog for home services such as pet sitting or dog walking.

DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Leptospirosis. Rabies required for dog walks, dog sitting and adventure pack hikes.

It depends on the dog’s needs, for example, if your dog has a high energy level, it may need more frequent walks, if the dog is older, it may require less frequent walks.

It depends on how many dogs live in proximity of other dogs that need to be walked around the same time. If your dog requires being walked solo please advise your dog enrichment specialist/dog walker.

Yes! Orazie  has over 20 years experience walking dogs, pet sitting,  additionally all staff are Fear Free Certified within six-months of on boarding, and all staff are trained and certified in Pet First Aid/CPR, and participates in year round continuing education.  

Using our online reservation system, PetPocketbook pet parents can request an account to become a client. By creating an account and completing basic information, Orazie will be able to get to know you and your dogs. She will then follow up with you via email or phone to learn more about you and your family before approving or denying your request.

Ensuring the security of your home and providing top-notch care for your pet are fundamental to everything we do at Praline’s Backyard. Here’s how we manage secure access to your home:

1. Lockbox Safety: We ask that you keep one key in a lockbox on your property. You choose the most secure and convenient spot for it—this could be anywhere around your home but doesn’t need to hang directly on your door. We provide the lockbox free of charge during our initial canine enrichment assessment/meet and greet.

2.  Digital Entry: If your home is equipped with an electronic lock, we request that you assign a unique code specifically for our use. This ensures that we can safely access your home while maintaining the integrity of your security settings.

3. Gated Community Access: For homes within gated communities, please provide a gate card, remote, or specific access codes. This will ensure seamless entry and exit, preventing any disruptions to your pet’s care schedule.

At Praline’s Backyard, your peace of mind is paramount. We’re committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your home while providing your pets with the loving care they deserve.

Dog Enrichment

Enrichment activities for dogs refer to a variety of activities, exercises and experiences that stimulate a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. These activities can include physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialization and training, as well as providing opportunities for play, exploration and problem-solving.

Enrichment activities we provide include things like reinforcement obedience training, agility training, scent work, puzzle toys and interactive feeders. The type of enrichment activities that your dog can participate in will depend on their individual abilities, interests, and needs.

The frequency of enrichment activities will depend on your dog’s individual needs and interests. Some dogs may enjoy and benefit from daily enrichment activities, while others may only need a few enrichment activities per week.

Absolutely! Many enrichment activities can be done at home with the right equipment, training, and guidance. However, some activities like swimming, hiking, or certain specialized trainings may be better done in a controlled or supervised environment.

Enrichment activities can help tire a dog out, but the degree of tiredness will vary depending on the individual dog and the activity. For example, a game of fetch in the backyard may tire out a high energy dog but not have the same effect on a senior dog.

Enrichment activities can provide mental stimulation, which can help dogs to develop their problem-solving skills, memory and learning abilities. However, it can make them more confident, relaxed, and well-behaved as well as preventing behavioral issues caused by boredom or under-stimulation.

Fear Free’s mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. Together with the pet parent, Orazie will tailor a plan to help the pet feel more comfortable when going for a walk, taking his/her medication, having a nail trim, and so much more. To learn more about Fear Free check out Fear Free Happy Homes.