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Step 1. New Client Orientation Request

Complete the request.  This  initial meeting is set up between our team and the dog parent and the dog.  Its main purpose is to ensure compatibility, build trust, and discuss service specifics.

Step 2. New Client Orientation

Once we’ve reviewed the request, the client can access our Client Portal to schedule and pay the $25 New Client Orientation fee. 

Why do we conduct a New Client Orientation? This is our opportunity to get to know your dog and learn their routine. We’re also conducting a behavior assessment. Plus, we share our processes and you can ask any additional questions you may have. If you require the use of a key to get into your home, we will set up a lockbox during the orientation.

Step 3. Schedule Your Dog's Next Service

After a successful Orientation you can schedule your dog’s next service.

Payment is due prior to any service appointment.  Once scheduled, you’ll receive  a confirmation, and if you purchased a package you will be provided an update on the remaining visits available in your package. 

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