Orazie Cook

Founder and Owner of Praline’s Backyard Dog Services

From overcoming my socially awkward high school days to achieving a doctorate of public health, I’ve channeled my passion for dogs into the creation of Praline’s Backyard Dog Services. Inspired by my beloved dog, Praline Pecan, whose backyard serves as an adventurous oasis, I sought to provide the same experience for our clients’ dogs. Our premier services include dog walking, pack hikes, pet sitting, and pet taxi, all designed to offer an enriching and safe environment for your pet. Additionally, we are proud to offer exclusive dog walking services to  premier pet-friendly hotels in the Atlanta area, ensuring that every pet receives the highest level of care and attention during their visit to Atlanta. With Praline’s Backyard, we aim to share the joy and adventure that Praline and I have experienced, ensuring exceptional care for every pet in our care

Check out Orazie on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

Podcast Overview:

  • How Orazie’s volunteer work helped her see a problem that needed to be fixed
  • Raising awareness about domestic violence and how it affects pets
  • What Orazie looked for when choosing a location for Pralines Backyard
  • Why pet parents are the best people to work with
  • How you can help non-profits even without donating
  • Advice for people that want to make a big career shift
  • Orazie’s 5-10 year plan for Praline’s Backyard