Our dog walks are more than just physical outings; they are a rich tapestry of sensory experiences designed for your dog’s holistic enrichment. With each step, your dog is introduced to a medley of new scents, captivating sounds, and ever-changing sights, ensuring that their mind is as engaged as their body. Nature, with its dynamic and ever-evolving canvas, offers an unparalleled sensory feast, and we ensure your dog savors every moment of it.

Venturing beyond the ordinary, our pack hikes elevate these enriching experiences. They not only sharpen your dog’s innate senses but also foster cognitive growth. By navigating varying terrains and environments, your dog hones problem-solving skills, adapts to new challenges, and showcases behavioral flexibility. Such outings also play a pivotal role in social enrichment. As they interact with their peers, dogs strengthen social bonds and learn essential behaviors that cement their place in the pack and at home.

At the end of these enriching journeys, the results are evident. Not only will your dog exhibit reinforced positive behaviors, but they will also prefer a rejuvenating nap over mischief like rummaging through the garbage or eagerly barking at every passerby. In essence, our dog walks and hikes aren’t just exercises; they are comprehensive enrichment sessions designed for your dog’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

Meet and Greet Assessment required for dog walks and pack hikes.  This provides an opportunity for you to meet the dog walker and the dog to meet your dog walker without fear before your dog goes on a solo walk or adventure without you. 

Dog Walks

Is your schedule packed? No worries. We’re here to fill in those doggy gaps. We’re not just any dog walking service; we bring a treasure trove of experiences tailored for your dog. Whether you’re buried in work, traveling, or simply caught up, our Fear Free certified Dog Enrichment Specialist have you covered.

Our Dog Enrichment Specialist aren’t just experienced—they’re connoisseurs of canine enrichment. Every walk is an odyssey filled with intriguing scents, novel sounds, and engaging sights, tailored for dogs of every breed and size. Picture your dog exploring the fresh aroma of blooming flowers or the rustling of leaves, all while building mental agility and resilience.

But before we embark on these adventures, we prioritize familiarity and trust. That’s why a meet-and-greet is imperative. This session allows us to gauge your dog’s temperament, acquaint ourselves with their daily rhythm, and ensure that the first walk isn’t with a stranger, but a budding friend. After all, a well-acquainted journey is a joyful one.

Every 20-minute walk promises not just physical exertion but a hearty dose of mental stimulation.  Every walk we curate concludes with a delightful enrichment activity, ensuring not just physical exercise, but also mental stimulation for your furry friend. Each week brings a fresh new activity, keeping your dog eager and enthusiastic for what’s next.  With daily availability, an enriching dog walk is just a call away!


Unleash your dog’s natural instincts and passions with our Adventure Hikes. More than just a trail walk, these hikes are a symphony of sensory experiences designed for deep canine enrichment. As they explore, play, and engage, your dog will dive into a world filled with exciting scents, sights, and sounds. These journeys not only enhance their social skills but also grant them the freedom to safely discover and engage with their surroundings.

Consistent exposure to such enriching hikes transforms dogs over time. You’ll notice a metamorphosis — from a restless pup to a confident, calm, and exuberant companion. The sheer joy of participating in a pack adventure is undeniable and incredibly beneficial for your dog’s holistic well-being.

Your convenience is key. We ensure a seamless experience by picking up your dog from your doorstep and, post-adventure, returning them home. Before parting, we lovingly rinse or towel them off, ensuring you’re greeted by a content, clean, and relaxed canine buddy. Typically, each enriching outing spans two to three hours, inclusive of travel. But rest assured, your dog will spend a solid hour relishing the hiking trails.

Available slots for these Adventure Hikes are on Sundays from 8:00 am – 11:00 am and Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. This includes a minimum of one-hour hike time and our signature door-to-door service.

To guarantee an intimate and engaging experience, we maintain a limited group size — no more than three dogs per Dog  Enrichment Specialist. This ensures every canine adventurer receives ample attention, maximizing socialization and tailored care during their enriching journey.

All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations

Rest assured all Pack Hike Dog Walkers are certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid and Fear Free Certified in pack management and socialization.

All dogs on our adventure hikes must have up-to-date vaccinations (rabies, DHPP/DHLPP, leptospira), neutered or spayed, and good with other dogs.