Benefits & Pricing

Praline’s Backyard is mission driven, minority and woman owned small business that celebrates diversity, pays a living wage and only uses pain-free, force free and fear free practices in our care of your dog(s). Ten percent of all profits from Praline’s Backyard will be donated to Praline’s Backyard Foundation, to aid in providing  free  housing, food and veterinary services to pets of domestic violence survivors while they are in housing transition. 

Benefits of Dog Walks

Frequent walks for your dog exercises their mind as well as their body. Watching wildlife, exploring new paths, seeing other people with their pets, and so on, are great mental stimulation for your dog that they do not receive from being in the same fenced area all the time. Walks also release excess energy and helps you dog sleep better at night.

Dog Walks

Dog Walk$50 (includes  pick up from home/work, 20-30 minute walk and return)

Meet and Greet Assessment – $25 – provides an opportunity for you to meet the dog walker and the dog to meet the dog walker without fear before your dog goes on a solo walk without you. 

3 Introductory Dog Walk – $100 (must be used within 2 weeks)

Monthly Dog Walk Plans (must be used within 30 days)

5 dog walks – $175

10 dog walks – $350

15 dog walks – $525

Benefits of Adventure Hikes

Hiking provides awesome physical and mental exercise for your dog by providing new scents, sounds, and sights.  Hikes sharpens senses, adds to the complexity of brain development, enhances problem-solving and increases behavioral flexibility. 

Adventure Hikes

Meet & Greet Assessment – $25 provides an opportunity for you to meet the Adventure Enrichment Counselor and the dog to meet our Adventure Enrichment Counselor without fear to ensure your dog will do well on an adventure hike with us.

Hikes$125 per hike (includes pick up, minimum 1 hour hike and drop off)

3 Day Introductory Hike Pack – (3 days must be used within 2 weeks)

Hiking Monthly Plans (must be used within 30 days)

4 Hikes a month – $300

6 Hikes a month – $600

8 Hikes a month – $900

Puppy Training

Basic Puppy Training $999

Your puppy (9 weeks to 6 months) has arrived and it’s time to embark on a journey of training and bonding. A well-trained puppy not only brings joy and happiness, but also creates a harmonious relationship between the guardian and the puppy.

We offer 5 one-on-one sessions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your puppy. These sessions can be conducted with just the trainer or with the guardian, depending on your preference. During the sessions, your puppy will learn the following commands:

  1. “Come”: A basic command that encourages your puppy to return to you when called.
  2. “Sit” and “Extended Sit”: Your puppy will learn to sit on command and remain in the sitting position until told otherwise.
  3. “Down” and “Extended Down”: This command teaches your puppy to lie down and remain in the down position until told otherwise.
  4. “Place” and “Extended Place”: Your puppy will learn to go to a specific location, such as a mat, and remain there until told otherwise.
  5. “Out”: This command teaches your puppy to drop any item upon request that she/he has put in their mouth.
  6. “Loose Leash Walking”: Your puppy will learn to walk calmly and comfortably by your side on a leash.
  7. “Off”: Your pup will learn not to jump on you or others.

Our trainers will use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and build their confidence. By the end of the training, your puppy will have a strong foundation in obedience and be well on their way to becoming a well-behaved companion.

Investing in puppy training is a commitment to creating a happy and harmonious relationship with your dog. With patience and consistency, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal companion who will bring joy and laughter to your life.

Advanced training is available.

Pet Sitting

Standard Pet Sitting – $140 a night with a 2 night minimum

Provides personalized care for your pet, tailored to your pets unique needs and preferences, this includes feeding, exercise, playtime, and attention all in the comfort of  your home, reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with being in a new place. 

Upgraded Pet Sitting$200 a night with a 2 night minimum

Pet Taxi

Providing safe and convenient transportation options for your pet is important you and us. That’s why we offer a pet taxi service for all your pet transportation needs within a 5 mile radius of 30039 and 30519 ( outside 5 mile radius additional fee) 

One Way – $35

Round Trip – $70

Round Trip and Waiting – $100

Outside Service Area – minimum $100 an hour and $.67 a mile