Praline’s Backyard is excited to have the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best grooming service available. We strive to be your premier neighborhood grooming salon! As a cage-free grooming salon we are dedicated to a stress-free and relaxing environment for your dog. Dogs behave differently when they are calm and comfortable.

The atmosphere we create allows dogs to feel at peace and actually enjoy their grooming time. Instead of utilizing traditional techniques, we ask your dog to willingly participate in the grooming process, and teach them how not to be afraid along the way.

Praline’s Backyards goals

Praline’s Backyards goal is to have every grooming experience be a positive one for your dog and our staff. Our process starts with an assessment of your dog. What do they like? What are they afraid of? Then, we place your dog into a category ranging from calm and well-adjusted to the grooming process, to extreme fear of grooming. With this knowledge, we are able to approach the grooming process compassionately. In some cases that means we don’t achieve our grooming goals on the very first visit or even the second visit, but over time we make progress and ensure each experience is a positive one for your dog that we can build on.

Grooming pricing

Price depends on factors like size, temperament, and state of the dog’s coat.
We also offer maintenance services like baths and brush-outs between grooms to keep your dog looking and smelling their best.

Start at $65 for full body breed standard full groom. Price varies by breed, fur type, and temperament.

Maintenance Bath and Blow out

Prices start at $35 for individual maintenance services.

Price varies by breed, fur type, and temperament. Includes a bath, brushing, blowdry, and nail trim. Add ons available as well including deshedding, breath freshening, ear cleaning, coat restoration, external gland expression, and more.

Safety and Welfare of your Dog

Our top priority is to ensure the safety and welfare of your dog. Therefore, no dogs that have ever shown aggression issues, either to a dog or human will be allowed to participate. If for any reason a dog acts out of character and shows aggressive behavior towards another resulting in injury or fighting he or she would be separated from the group and placed in RR following an “incident” report that would then be filed and given to the dog parent upon departure explaining the situation. Three “incidents” would result in the dog being expelled from cage-free doggie daycare and boarding.