Discover the Difference: Fear Free Certification Explained

At Praline’s Backyard Dog Services, the welfare and happiness of your furry friend are our top priorities. We ensure they receive the best care, a comfortable living environment, and positive interactions with our staff. This commitment to the well-being of your pet is why we are proud to be Fear Free certified.

What is Fear Free Certification?

The Fear Free certification is a program designed to educate pet professionals, such as veterinarians, pet sitters, and dog walkers, on the emotional and physical well-being of pets. It is not just about treating an illness or providing a service, but about ensuring the pet’s entire experience is as positive and stress-free as possible.

Why It Matters

Many pets experience fear, anxiety, or stress (FAS) in various situations like vet visits, grooming, or even walks. The Fear Free certification helps pet professionals like us at Praline’s Backyard Dog Services understand and address the needs of pets experiencing FAS. The goal is to make these experiences enjoyable for pets, ultimately leading to better health and a stronger bond between pets and their owners.

The Fear-Free Approach

The Fear-free approach involves a combination of creating a comfortable environment, using gentle handling techniques, and, if necessary, utilizing medication to reduce anxiety. It’s a holistic approach that considers the pet’s mental and physical well-being.

  1. Environment: Creating a comfortable environment starts with reducing the sensory inputs that can cause stress. This includes minimizing noise, using pheromones, and creating separate spaces for dogs and cats.
  2. Handling: Gentle handling techniques include minimizing restraint, using treats and positive reinforcement, and avoiding any sudden movements or loud noises.
  3. Medication: In some cases, medication may be necessary to reduce a pet’s anxiety. This is always done under the guidance of a veterinarian and as a last resort.


Praline’s Backyard Dog Services: A Fear-Free Certified Provider

At Praline’s Backyard Dog Services, we are committed to the Fear-free approach. Our staff is trained in the latest techniques to ensure your dog’s comfort and well-being. From the moment we interact with your dog, we work to create a positive and stress-free experience. Whether it’s a walk,  pet sitting, or any other service we provide, you can be confident that your dog is in caring, capable hands.


Choosing a Fear Free certified professional ensures that your pet’s emotional well-being is considered in every interaction. It leads to happier, healthier pets and a stronger bond between you and your pet. At Praline’s Backyard Dog Services, we are proud to be Fear Free certified and committed to providing the best care possible for your dog.

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