Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Orazie Cook.  I am a lifelong cocker spaniel parent.  My current cocker spaniel is Praline Pecan.  Throughout my life, I have frequented many dog daycare and boarding facilities.  I remember as a child hating when my family would go out of town and have to take our dog Pepper to the vet where he would stay in a cage only getting out when someone deemed it was time for him to use the bathroom.  Dogs being in cages for extended periods of time when boarded has definitely changed over the past twenty years however there are still areas in need of improvement.  One of those improvements has been the development of doggie daycares where dogs get to play with other dogs aiding in their socialization when their parents are working or just need the dog to have socialization.   Often due to limited real estate doggie daycares provide limited or no outdoor space.

I am on a mission to offer dog parents in the Atlanta area a refreshing alternative to traditional dog daycare, boarding facilities, and even standard dog-walking services. Praline’s Backyard Dog Services is dedicated to dog enrichment, ensuring that every pet not only gets the essential care but also the mental, physical, and sensory stimulation they crave. Our tailored services, ranging from adventure hikes to specialized play sessions, are designed with your dog’s unique needs and happiness in mind. We believe in more than just a walk; we believe in creating fulfilling experiences that set tails wagging and spirits soaring.

You might be wondering, “What exactly is dog enrichment and how can it be incorporated into dog walks, adventure hikes, and pet sitting?” Dog enrichment refers to activities and practices that stimulate your dog’s senses, challenge their minds, and encourage them to engage in natural behaviors. On our dog walks, instead of just a simple stroll, we introduce varied terrains and paths, allowing your dog to explore new scents and environments. Our adventure hikes are more than just physical exercise; they’re an opportunity for your dog to navigate challenges, fostering mental growth. During pet sitting, we ensure that playtime is filled with toys and games that tap into your dog’s innate instincts and preferences. At Praline’s Backyard Dog Services, we believe every interaction with your pet should be an opportunity for growth, learning, and sheer joy.




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