Orazie Cook

Chief Executive Officer Of Praline’s Backyard

I overcame came being a socially awkward high schooler to earning my doctorate of public health two years ago to finally deciding to delve into my passion for caring for dogs by building an awesome cage-free enrichment dog boarding facility, Praline’s Backyard.  I grew up with a physically and verbally abusive father and a mom that struggled to leave.  When my dad finally left we had a couple of years of peace but unfortunately, my mom re-married a person that was a drug addict and I retreated into myself and became the socially awkward girl.  My only comfort during those years was my dog, Pepper.  My first cocker spaniel. She was black with sprinkles of white.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective, my stepfather committed suicide when I was in college and Pepper became my mom’s source of comfort.

Check out Orazie on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

Podcast Overview:

  • How Orazie’s volunteer work helped her see a problem that needed to be fixed
  • Raising awareness about domestic violence and how it affects pets
  • What Orazie looked for when choosing a location for Pralines Backyard
  • Why pet parents are the best people to work with
  • How you can help non-profits even without donating
  • Advice for people that want to make a big career shift
  • Orazie’s 5-10 year plan for Praline’s Backyard